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Adventure Trekking in the Bolivian Amazon Jungle



In between previous Sumak Travel tours which gave Harry and Danny experiences like a homestay on Lake Titicaca and an exploration of Moon Valley in Chile, the guys travelled to Rurrenabaque for a three day adventure trekking tour through Madidi National Park in the Bolivian Amazon Jungle.

After a reportedly terrifying 20 hour bus journey on and off muddy tracks along 1,000 foot ravines, they arrived in tropical Rurrenabaque hoping that the jungle would reward them for their foolhardy perseverance. Madidi National Park is one of the most biodiverse jungles in the world, so hopes were high.

Three days – and three thousand mosquito bites later – they got back on the bus having experienced a truly amazing jungle adventure. Hopefully this photo essay of their time adventure trekking in the Bolivian Amazon Jungle gives you a flavour of the Amazon’s wild and exotic offerings.

A boat ride took them to the start of the trek, which, being in the Amazon Jungle was often a muddy affair. There were many rewards for their efforts though!

Their meals, prepared by the guides, were a real Amazonian spectacle – piranha fished from the river and cooked straight away over an open fire.

The guide, Leon, was great, and not just because he provided the food! His knowledge of the rainforest and its inhabitants was immense and he was also a wonderfully entertaining man.

This trek through the rainforest is an excellent example of community-based tourism and provides wonderful insight into the the lives of those, both human and animal, who live there.

Photos by Harry Dowdney

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