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AdventureLust: Danny & Harry on an epic South America adventure


Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru


Hello guys, my name’s Danny, a wildlife enthusiast, adventurer, travel writer and basically up for anything outdoors and off-the-beaten-track. Along with my best mate Harry, a writer himself, a multi-linguist and talented photographer and film maker, we are about to go on an amazing trip around South America for the next six months, passing through Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Colombia. Yet, this is not your usual run of the mill backpacker trip. With the help of Sumak Travel, we will be visiting, living and learning from remote, authentic, native communities every step of the way. Look out for our next blog and follow #AdventureLust on Twitter to find out more about the local communities we’ll be visiting on our Argentina and Chile tour this month and next one.

Rewind a few months, I was at home in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro where I had been living for the last four years. Wandering the net I fortunately stumbled across Sumak Travel and we began talking about South America and our shared interest for eco and community-based tourism. Felipe and I then decided to work together over the next six months to create and develop new, amazing tours and adventures, for you guys to have the opportunity to go on even more culturally rich authentic experiences around Latin America.

However, this was not a solo task I thought to myself; I needed someone with a sharp photographic eye and knowledge of film making. So, with some quick thinking, a bit of naked ambition, a will to adventure and a persuasive phone call to my mate Harry – who I very selfishly encouraged to quit his job – we then all linked up with Sumak who agreed to send us both around South America on this epic adventure.

That's me, Danny, on the left, and Harry, in the centre, trekking in Rio de Janeiro last year.

That’s me, Danny, on the left, and Harry, in the centre, trekking in Rio de Janeiro last year.

It has been a life-long ambition of mine to travel around this culturally rich, amazing continent that Harry and I have both become very attached to after living in Rio de Janeiro for several years. With Sumak Travel’s help and unprecedented knowledge of Latin America combined with Harry’s great talent for photography, film making, writing, languages, and creative thinking, bags of enthusiasm from myself and a keen eye for anything ‘off-the-beaten-track’, we are set to go on the trip of a lifetime. Vowing to reach every untouched corner of this wild, adventurous, breathtakingly beautiful continent from the snow-tipped Andean mountain tops to the far-flung wilds of the Amazon jungle. We created the AdventureLust blog category so you can easily follow our adventure. Stay tuned to find out how we get on.

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