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Hailing from South Africa, I have a degree in Media and Sociology which was immediately followed by a different sort of education courtesy of a 2 year stint in South America. I also have a passion for travel and sustainable development.

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Discovering Rural Tourism in Argentina: The Yungas Region

Responsible Tourism


Last February, Hervé, a member of our Argentinian ground team took part in a journey to experience rural tourism in Argentina with members of the local NGO ProYungas, an organisation which supports rural communities in the Yungas region of northern Argentina to develop sustainable tourism programmes as a supplement to their traditional livelihoods.
In his own words…
Community-based tourism in the Quebrada de Humahuaca
I met Avelina from the …

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Backpacking South America – In Pictures (Part 2 of 2)

Happy Travellers

Argentina, Chile

Late last year, we organised an exciting multi-country backpacking tour of South America for Mala and Anna, crossing the continent from Bolivia, through the Atacama Desert in Chile and visiting northern Argentina before skipping across to the impressive Iguazu Falls and finally ending their trip in Buenos Aires. As we mentioned in the first post, Backpacking South America – In …

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The #AdventureLust Trip Ends but the Memories of Community-Based Tourism Live On


Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina

Our #AdventureLust travellers, Danny and Harry, recently got back from South America after four months of exploration. In a trip debrief we spoke to them about their experiences, discussing their favourite places, most enjoyable activities and what their travel tips are for those setting out on a community-based travel adventure.
Hi guys, welcome home. What were your initial expectations going into …

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Adventure Trekking in the Bolivian Amazon Jungle



In between previous Sumak Travel tours which gave Harry and Danny experiences like a homestay on Lake Titicaca and an exploration of Moon Valley in Chile, the guys travelled to Rurrenabaque for a three day adventure trekking tour through Madidi National Park in the Bolivian Amazon Jungle.
After a reportedly terrifying 20 hour bus journey on and off muddy tracks along 1,000 foot …

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