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Cultivating Self Love – A Women’s Wellness Retreat in Costa Rica


Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru

Thinking about the heavy toll the last 18 months have taken in society and knowing that people are looking for ways to reconnect with themselves, be in contact with nature and look after their mental health, we have been working to create wellness tourism experiences in Latin America.

We are excited to announce the launch of Cultivating Self Love, an international wellness …

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A stay in a Mapuche community in Chile: Reconnecting with nature



In a hidden corner of the Southern Andes in Chile, about 8 hours by bus from Santiago and surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, you will find the community of Quinquén. The name comes from the Mapuche word Kmkañhue, which means “place of refuge”. Formed by a group of indigenous families dedicated to the forest, this community is part of the Mapuche …

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