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Calchaqui Valleys Tours

The Calchaqui Valleys, named after the indigenous people who once lived here, captivate travellers with their untamed natural beauty. Spread out over an area of 520km in the extreme northwest of Argentina, the epic landscapes of rugged red mountains provide a stark contrast to the lush valleys and bountiful vineyards they protect.

The Calchaqui Valleys are home to many smaller valleys and rivers, as well as hundreds of hamlets and rich traditional cultures and folklore. Popular towns in the region include Salta, Cafayate and Cachi and this vast expanse is also home to national reverses and archaeological sites. These Calchaqui Valleys Tours offer a great way to explore the region, appreciate its breath-taking scenery and learn about traditional rural life.

Rural tourism to learn about nature, culture and lifestyle

In the Calchaqui Valleys, members of communities have come together to preserve their rich local cultures, generate employment and more generally improve their livelihoods. These Calchaqui Valleys Tours help to achieve all of this, in addition to providing the opportunity for travellers to experience rural life in the far northwest of this vast and varied country. These tours include community-based homestay experiences that will leave you feeling like a member of the family and not like a tourist at all. You will be immersed in traditional Andean culture as the guests of rural communities in the wild north of Argentina.

The rugged mountain landscapes you will encounter during the Calchaqui Valleys Tours feel wild and untamed and very different to the fertile valleys below. These valleys are home to fruit trees and vineyards as well as an abundance of wildlife living alongside farm animals. You will be able to enjoy authentic home-cooked Andean dishes and even learn how to make traditional dishes yourself alongside your hosts. Here everyone eats at the same table to enjoy and learn from each other’s company.

As well as immersing yourself in the local culture and the stunning surroundings, there is plenty to keep busy. You will be able to learn about local farming technics, winemaking and traditional ceramics from talented members of the community. There will also be the opportunity to take guided walks to fully appreciate the magnificent Salta landscapes, where red rugged mountain ridges hide fertile valleys and vineyards.

These Calchaqui Valleys Tours fully support the local rural communities, with some of the income received going directly to the host family and the rest invested in a common fund for the benefit of the whole community. The tours can be personalised to suit your individual needs and preferences, including the duration and which activities you chose to enjoy.

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