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Cultivating Self Love – A Women’s Wellness Retreat in Costa Rica


Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru

Thinking about the heavy toll the last 18 months have taken in society and knowing that people are looking for ways to reconnect with themselves, be in contact with nature and look after their mental health, we have been working to create wellness tourism experiences in Latin America.

We are excited to announce the launch of Cultivating Self Love, an international wellness retreat designed for women looking for inspiring adventures and transformational experiences for both the soul and the body. This carefully curated 8-day itinerary brings together deep soul nourishing activities, guided meditations, energy work, restorative yoga and empowering workshops to expand self-love and stimulate inner healing.

We have partnered with Self Mastery International to craft this wellness retreat, which will take place in Costa Rica from December 5th to 12th. Led by Peggy Farmer, Ph.D., a seasoned facilitator and guide with 30+ years of experience, participants will enjoy a mix of ecotourism and wellbeing activities in San José and in the extraordinary Nicoya Peninsula, on the northern Pacific Coast.

The Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica’s Blue Zone

Located on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, the Nicoya Peninsula is an exceptional destination with exuberant vegetation, pristine beaches, breathtaking landscapes, a variety of ecotourism activities and a relaxed environment. Indeed, it is an ideal basecamp for wellness tourism and for outdoor explorations and adventures.

On top of that, the Nicoya Peninsula is one of the five Blue Zones on the planet, these unique regions that are home to the longest-lived people (more than 100 years in average), largely due to a healthy lifestyle, a stress-free environment, a nutritious diet, good socialisation habits and rich ecosystems.

Ecotourism and wellness: A transformational experience

Featuring a great combination of ecotourism and wellness, this life-changing retreat offers participants the opportunity to immerse in nature, experience true human connection, and feel revitalised with incredible off-the-beaten path adventures.

The journey begins in San José with a cacao ceremony and a sustainable culinary experience where the group will taste contemporary Costa Rican cuisine. Once in the Nicoya Peninsula, participants will enjoy a kayaking adventure in the tranquil waters around Cabuya Island, located off the coast of the fishing community of Cabuya, where you can visit a unique cemetery, only accesible by kayak or in low tide.

There will also be a hike to the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, the first natural protected area of Costa Rica and home to exotic wildlife, a lush rainforest and a beautiful secluded beach. For those who love marine wildlife watching, there will be a whale and dolphin excursion in the Marine Protected Area of Cabo Blanco, a great opportunity to have a magical encounter with these magnificent mammals. Finally, the group will volunteer in a conservation project in Manzanillo, focused on permaculture and the protection of local sea turtle species.

Wellness is a way of life. During the retreat, participants will learn and experience a variety of wellness modalities to incorporate in their daily lives such as restorative yoga, guided meditations and mindfulness. These include transformational workshops designed to deepen self awareness, elicit a greater sense of self love and compassion and increase the feeling of self worth and self belonging. We will end the retreat with a powerful ancient ceremony to Pachamama (Mother Earth) that will leave participants feeling profoundly restored and renewed.

Are you ready to embark on this life changing journey in Costa Rica designed to nourish your body and sooth your soul? Take a look at the full itinerary details at https://tri.ps/z2t5o

We are planning two wellness retreats for men and women in 2022. In May, we will journey to the biodiverse landscapes of Guatemala and visit ancient Mayan temples and inspiring archeological sites. In November, we will explore the amazing cultural and archeological gems in Northern Peru, visiting sacred sites. Make sure you subscribe to our quarterly newsletter to receive all the exciting details!

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