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Homely homestays in Lake Titicaca – Peru




Can I make a confession? Before Danny told me about this opportunity to go away with Sumak Travel, I must admit that I – a 25-year-old city boy – had never even heard of community-based tourism.

It’s not that I was too far from Sumak’s target customer – give me adventure over alcohol any day – but I just didn’t even realize that some of the wonderful experiences that this type of tourism offers were possible. Three months later and I am a convert.

Some of the most brilliant, fulfilling experiences Danny and I have had during our three months in South America have been the homestays. Depending on the trip you go on with Sumak, most probably you will be staying in the homes of families in the heart of small communities. You will be welcomed with open arms, waited upon with the diligence of butlers, fed like kings and embraced into the bosom of the family, no matter how long or short your stay. And this is all aside from your actual day-to-day planned activities!

I was inspired to write this blog post after spending two nights with a family in Karina, a community on the banks of Lake Titicaca in Peru. Within a cluster of houses set slightly back from the single track road parallel to the beach, lived man-of-the-house Orlando, his sister Beatriz and her two children William and Andrea. Orlando was a father to the two youngsters, a great man with a joyous sense of fun. We played football with the boys on the local pitch, and spent time with the girls herding sheep. Each moment spent with the family was accompanied by laughter as well as the obligatory shared cultural exchange. 

Unforgettable experiences, authentic as they come, and homely too!

Next week blog post will be about organic coffee in Cuzco and Machu Picchu, make sure you don’t miss it!

Photos by Harry Dowdney

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