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Organic Coffee Tours in Cuzco – Peru



Fancy a cuppa? Have you ever wondered what its like to taste a wonderfully fresh organic coffee straight from the Peruvian rainforest? Well, Harry and I were lucky enough to experience it, as we ventured through the wild coffee growing region of tropical Peru. Thanks to Sumak Travel, and their partners in Cuzco, where we stayed for a few days, we learnt everything there is to know about the organic coffee farming industry. We had a fantastic time during their coffee tours and will never drink another Nescafe again!

Here are a few snapshots of our coffee adventure. We took off to the remote plantations and were briefed on the development process of the plant up to the point of recollection.


We then headed back to the main facilites where we learned about the production and varieties of plants, the geography of the area and the traditional ways of cultivating the grain.



The experience ended with an extremely  rich and aromatic tasting as  we listened to the history of the plantation, met the worker owners and exchanged a few laughs with them.



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