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Rescripting Your Life – A wellness retreat in Guatemala



After a successful wellness retreat in Costa Rica last December, where participants learned all about “Cultivating Self Love” while experiencing ecotourism activities such as jungle hiking, whale-watching and bioluminescence kayaking, we are pleased to launch another wellness retreat, this time in beautiful Guatemala! Rescripting Your Life was lovingly created and curated to assist participants to clear out old programming and outdated paradigms that keep them stuck in old stories, while simultaneously ushering in new mindsets and methodologies to improve their wellbeing.

The retreat is also a journey through some of Guatemala’s top attractions to experience a great combination of archaeology, adventure, relaxation, healing and renewal. Join the retreat and visit the wonders and diverse ecosystems of the magnificent Maya Biosphere Reserve, a unique place where history, living culture and nature converge.

Designed to inspire a sense of curiosity and exploration with a bias towards design thinking, this wellness retreat in Guatemala will help you map out a path in a similar way an inventor would design a lightbulb or create a rocket, by using different mindsets and tools to think outside the box.

A mix of biodiversity, archaeology and wellness

The Maya Biosphere Reserve has four national parks and three wildlife reserves which contain lowland forests, inundated savannas, small fields of pine, caves, lakes, lagoons, rivers, wetlands and mangroves. The Reserve is also home to a large concentration of ancient Mayan cities, so the retreat includes visits to two of them: the amazing Tikal and Yaxhá National Parks. Moreover, to cultivate greater awareness for ancient culture, you will experience Mayan spirituality in a traditional observatory and take part in an intimate Mayan ceremony in the sacred city of Uaxactún.

The 9-day wellness retreat, running from May 7th to 15th, features yoga, meditation, transformational workshops and other healing activities. It is also an opportunity to forge new connections with other like-minded people and create lifelong bonds that deepen over time! The chosen accommodation is an ecolodge on the shores of the beautiful Lake Petén, where it is possible to enjoy several ecotourism activities such as kayaking, swimming and wildlife-watching.

Indeed, the experiences in this regenerative journey provide opportunities for travellers to share their narratives and get to know each other. Through storytelling and cultural immersion, we will create a space for healing, reflection and empowerment, while embracing Mayan culture and spirituality.

Finding your purpose and a path to wellbeing

The pandemic has caused millions of people to reassess what is important to them in terms of work/life balance and how and where they want to work. Multiple recent studies show that anxiety, stress and burnout are 4 times higher since the start of the pandemic, which highlights the need for a holistic model and innovative strategies to help individuals navigate this new landscape. With so many people exploring the future of work in this new environment, we are all being asked to reflect on what really matters in our lives. Work/life balance has moved to the forefront of our consciousness, especially as many are being called back to the office after having worked remotely for almost 2 years.

This unique retreat is meant to deepen self-awareness and teach practical tools for redesigning your life and rescripting your inner narratives. We will employ design thinking and other reframing strategies to clearly define a life that truly speaks to your whole self. To aid in the process, the wellness activities include mind/body techniques like guided meditations and yoga, which aim at yielding a higher degree of emotional intelligence.

Take part in this regenerative adventure

Rescripting Your Life is a retreat open to individuals, couples, families and small groups of friends longing for a transformative, ecologically conscious and culturally rich experience. Are you ready to embark on this life changing journey in Guatemala? To find out more, see the full itinerary and learn about the the benefits of connection, creativity and ancient wisdom, follow this link: https:/tri.ps/vN1Nb

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