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Scenes From a Rural Homestay in Argentina

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Following on from our short but sweet photo journey through the Colombian and Peruvian Amazon last week, in this post we thought we’d offer you a glimpse of a rural homestay in Argentina. Once again, the lovely photos come courtesy of some of our Happy Travellers – and offer a new insight into this huge and mesmerising land: Patagonia.

Rural landscapes around Bariloche

Bariloche is a stunning little slice of Argentinian paradise, and its surroundings too are well worth a visit. Simply travel 40 kilometres outside the town to discover a unique rural setting that will have you sinking into relaxation mode with no effort whatsoever. That is precisely what happened when Carolina and Camilo, two of our Happy Travellers, visited the Pichi Leufu valley in Patagonia. They were hosted by Cultura Rural Patagonica (Patagonian Rural Culture), a local cooperative of families promoting rural and agricultural tourism in their little (and absolutely stunning!) patch of Patagonia.

The cooperative, which consists of 15 groups (a mixture of rural families and farmers), created several tours in a transition zone between forest land and the Patagonian steppe. Carolina and Camilo stayed near the Pichi Leufu river, which is the backbone of the area and a popular destination for artisan fishing. Its distinct volcanic rock formations add plenty of character to the landscape, as some of the photos demonstrate.

Visiting a traditional estancia in Patagonia

Now add to that scenery a welcoming rural homestay on a traditional estancia (ranch) where you are fully immersed into the day-to-day life. The estancia provides much more than a comfy bed. For instance – traditional meals prepared from fresh ingredients, a local gaucho guide and excursions to the volcanic caves and other interesting spots.

Carolina and Camilo’s unique community-based tourism experience brought them into contact with a traditional way of life – a way of life that is practised by the rural communities in the area everyday, not just when they have visitors from outside. Whilst there, they took part in cattle-herding, horse-riding and also some relaxing around a tasty asado (barbecue). Traditional food and of course inspiring conversations with their warm and welcoming hosts were highlights of their stay – and they were able to learn more about Cultura Rural Patagonica’s celebration of rural life, the opportunities tourism provides for local youth, and about the cooperative’s values relating to rural, sustainable tourism.

This was a great culturally immersive experience in the beautiful surroundings of Bariloche, in Patagonia. You can also travel to the North West of the country by reading our post on Discovering Rural Tourism in Argentina: The Yungas Region, which offers a different perspective on rural homestays in Argentina.

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