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Sustainable tourism destinations

We work with a whole range of trusted and well established local travel agencies to bring you some of the most exciting and awe-inspiring destinations in Latin America. Have a look at the countries and iconic places, bearing in mind that our local partners can create itinerates designed to suit your taste, interests and requirements. An offer of truly unique, experience-rich and incredible Latin America tours to:


Iconic places







Costa Rica











Atacama Desert

Amazon Rainforest

Easter Island

Galapagos Islands

The Lost City

Osa Peninsula

 Andes Mountains

Toledo District

Iguazu Falls

Uyuni Salt Flat

Lake Titicaca

Sun Island

Machu Picchu

Chimborazo Volcano

Riviera Maya

Lake Atitlan

Chiriqui Province

Experiences tailor-made to meet your needs and preferences

We used our expertise to craft unique itineraries that you can book as they are, or use as building blocks to create your personalised holiday. To get it ‘just right’ you might want to mix and match some elements, or to stay longer in some places and less in others. You might even want to slip in three days on a beach, or a couple more nights in a big city. Or you might want to create your dream holiday from scratch, with the help of our dedicated travel experts. Our local partners specialise in creating tailor-made itineraries designed exactly around your unique requirements. From any destination page or individual tour, you will be able to send a travel enquiry, so our experts can get in touch with a suggested itinerary for you. All the tours are exclusively for you, whether as an individual, family, or group of friends: you won’t be travelling with people you do not know. Our local partners can arrange all your accommodation (boutique hotels, ecolodges, charming B&Bs, etc.), transports (airport transfers, internal flights, coaches, etc.) and activities (city tours, excursions, day-trips, etc.), whether you are travelling for a few days or for several weeks. All activities are guided in English, and guides will come and pick you up at your hotel. You choose how much support and guidance you need. You also benefit from a dedicated local team who will meet you at the airport and be available to assist and guide you as and when required, on a 24/7 basis throughout your holiday.

Seven reasons to book with our trusted, local partners

1. An Incredible, Inspiring Experience

These tours give you the best of all travel worlds. Freedom and adventure coupled with the security and knowledge of a local guide. You are given the chance to visit and explore the ‘must-see’ areas and sites, but also to drop off the beaten track and travel to the heart of Latin America through the eyes of the local people. A tour that is authentic, incredible, inspiring and unique.

2. Hand-built Ecotourism

Can’t decide between all our tours and destinations? Torn between the vastness of Patagonia and and the beauty of the Amazon rainforest? Not to worry, we are more than happy to advice you and help you find the right destination for your budget, travel dates and interests. Whether you want to travel for a year or just a few days, our local partners can handle it. They will plan a tailor-made itinerary to create your own special and unique adventure. Bespoke tours for individuals, families or groups, and also tours that have a specific purpose such as wildlife or a research project. If you want to build a tour to the rhythm of the samba or the syncopation of the tango, just ask. If you’re all about bird-watching or want to conquer the Andean peaks, it can be arranged. Just imagine what would be most incredible holiday for you, and leave the rest to us.

3. The Insider’s Guide – In Person

Your travel organiser is a local expert. They know the incredible landscape they live in like the back of their hand, whether it is the Lake Titicaca, a colourful tropical rainforest, salt flats, or the spectacular Andean mountains. When visiting local communities, you will be treated as a special, warmly appreciated guest. That’s not surprising, because you are supporting the community practically and directly. You’ll be shown the sights, local customs. Beliefs will be explained, and you’ll be told about the plants, the animals, and the cooking. Much more than what’s in the traditional guide book.

4. A Fair Price and Great Service

Our local partners, and us, are all small, ethical social enterprises with a cost-efficient structure. They are local tour operators and able to offer competitive prices and a high level of service. The majority of what you pay goes directly to local communities and family-run businesses.

5. You Will Support and Empower Local Communities

The local communities, co-operatives and organisations we work with redistribute the income from tourism to create decent jobs and implement sustainable, long lasting solutions to the problems they face. By booking with any of our local partners, you are directly supporting a practical and socially responsible form of self-reliance.

6. Preserve Precious Ancestral Cultures and Traditions

The local communities, co-operatives and organisations we work with use tourism as a complementary source of income. Through tourism, they acquire the means to maintain their traditional way of life, whilst preserving their land and sometimes endangered ecosystems. We work exclusively with local communities, networks and organisations committed to environmental conservation. You can see some of the projects we are supporting in the Ecotourism and Responsible Tourism categories of our blog.

7. You Are In Safe Hands

All of the local partners have been verified by our team and are operating in safe, politically stable environments. Sometimes political situations change, of course, but we monitor things closely and will take all necessary steps to ensure your safety comes first. You will be provided with 24/7 English language, local emergency contact details throughout your tour. We also receive detailed reports on how every single trip went, and ask all customers for feedback through a survey. This allows us make sure things are running smoothly for all travellers.

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