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Trekking in Puerto Williams: the Southernmost City in the World




Ever dreamed of reaching the southernmost city in the world? Along with our partners in Chile, Travolution.org, we have made this possible! Here we share Juan’s first-hand experience, after he travelled to this region in the south of Patagonia. We can now be sure that trekking in Puerto Williams is an unforgettable experience!

In his own words…

The southern part of Patagonia has always been the most mysterious land in the world. Famous (and unknown) adventurers from all over the planet have ventured into its most remote corners looking for the boundaries of the world: the ultimate freedom and confirmation of boldness. But Patagonia still keeps that untamed spirit, and even today it poses the greatest of challenges for travellers. Are you willing to go there? When I took the 20-passenger bi-motor plane from Punta Arenas, I didn’t know much of what to expect. I was just so excited to go where so few have ever gone and to step into the permanently inhabited and southernmost place on Earth: Navarino Island.

The flight over enormous glaciers and the Beagle Channel surpassed all my expectations. And then, the first few minutes of driving towards Puerto Williams, the main town, made me feel that it was a surreal place. Our host Maria Luisa smiled when I told her it was incredibly beautiful. “Yes, but you have seen nothing yet”, she said. Later, the never-ending sunset lights while bird-watching showed me she was completely right.

Next day we went towards Mejillones, a beautiful bay that has been a Yagan settlement for centuries. The Yagan people, only a few of whom are left nowadays, are the traditional canoers of the southern channels. They used to live most of the time in their canoes, hunting sea lions and other marine animals. In Mejillones, Don German, one of the community leaders, took us to the Chishaus, an old shelter he built as a replica of the one where he had his adulthood-passing ritual. It was great to learn about this mysterious culture from one of its own representatives. Especially when it’s accompanied by the most wonderful lunch: Southern King Crab, freshly caught from sea.

It’s hard to explain each activity and all the possibilities the island has to offer, but hiking, kayaking, sailing and learning more of the culture, are some activities that can be experienced here. These, and other activities we took part in, made this adventure one of the most unique experiences I’ve ever lived. Given that it was the end of the world I can honestly say: I survived.

We have created a 4-day add-on which makes it possible for you to visit this impressive place. The journey further south to the end of the world add-on can be easily added to our Journey to the End of the World – Patagonia Tour, or to our Chilean Andes and Chiloé Tour. Check out the tours to see the full description of the add-on, located in the Discover tab. We recommend you combine it with a visit to Torres del Paine National Park too.

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