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Visiting the Huasco Coast – Whale-Watching in Chile

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In our Happy Travellers category, we have had many generous travellers sharing their experiences, with words and/or pictures, to show the incredible places they visited in Latin America. Recently we’ve had Carolina and Camilo sharing pictures of their rural homestay near Bariloche (Argentinean Patagonia), and Matt, who shared some pictures of his Amazon rainforest adventures in Peru and Colombia. This time we travel to Chile, where Gabriele and Ruth spent a few weeks exploring impressive landscapes, wildlife watching and learning more about the rich local culture. They were so nice as to let us show you some pictures taken by their guide during their incredible vacation, including whale-watching in Chile!

We start with Chañaral de Aceituno on the Huasco Coast, home to an incredible amount of fauna including Humboldt Penguins, marine otters, rare birds, bottlenose dolphins and whales. During the whale watching season (December to March), you can see a lot of blue and humpback whales swimming around. This coast is famous for these magnificent animals, huge in size, swimming just meters away from the boats, creating both fear and tranquillity simultaneously. Gabriele and Ruth were there at the right time, and had the chance to come up close to Fin Whales, which is even more special as this is an endangered species and it’s rare to see them. Here are some pictures:

After the Huasco coast, they travelled further north within the Atacama Desert, visiting Totoral village for some cultural activities and Bahia Inglesa for a bit of beach time. Then they moved on to San Pedro de Atacama, where the wildlife is totally different, the landscapes more arid and the fauna more difficult to find.

Thanks so much to Gabriele and Ruth for sharing their Chile adventure with us – and to Nicolas, our local guide, for the great pictures!

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