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Amazon Rainforest Tours

The Amazon rainforest is a vast area of Latin America which plays an incredibly important role in the regulation of world’s climate and which, according to scientific research, we de-forest at our peril. It is also very, very beautiful. Here we have about 5.5mn square kms of rainforest spread across nine countries (most of forest is in Brazil, followed by Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia). The list of reasons why this place is so special is impressive. One in ten of the world’s known species are to be found in the Amazon rainforest, which is also the world’s single largest concentration of living pants and animal species. Many, such as pink fresh water dolphins, can be found nowhere else. There are jaguars, black caimans, parrots, anacondas, and howler monkeys. Electric eels and piranhas swim the rivers. The Amazon river itself is one of the largest in the world, with a width of 40kms in places.

While much of this incredible region is inaccessible, there are ways to visit and understand it through responsible ecotourism. All the Amazon rainforest tours on this platform have been designed in partnership with local and indigenous communities, where in protected areas and national parks you can paddle down the rivers and even ascend into the high tree canopies to watch the wildlife and the sunset.

Our network of local tour operators and travel agents will help you work out the options for a trip of a lifetime. Remember you can choose your destinations and type of accommodation based on your personal taste, interests and travel dates. How about visiting the Amazon port city of Manaus (Brazil), where Enrico Caruso once sang at the opera house during the height of the rubber boom? Or even better, why not include the option of a four-day, three night trip by riverboat from Leticia (Colombia) to Manaus?

Taking an Amazon Rainforest Tour

To send a travel enquiry, please visit the destination page of the the country you are interested in: Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador or Bolivia.

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